Facebook’s Diem reaches 50 million transactions during its testnet

The Facebook-backed cryptocurrency project reached over 50 million transactions during its testnet. This development comes a little over a month after Libra was renamed to Diem.

Testnet de Diem

Facebook’s cryptocurrency project is currently in the testing phase – or “testnet”. In testing, Diem reached over 50 million transactions . These tests allow developers to detect and correct possible failures in the network before its official launch.

Data shows that Diem’s ​​testnet is capable of achieving an average speed of over 3 transactions per second (TPS). Although it seems relatively fast, this transaction speed is lower than Bitcoin Millionaire scam and Ethereum (15 TPS). And much slower than networks such as Solana (65,000 TPS). However, Diem would not yet be at his peak.

Diem Testnet

As for testnet users, over 221,000 individual addresses have interacted with Diem . Of these, only one address contained more than 100 million LBR (the tokens that work on Diem), while more than 53 of them contain exactly 820 LBR.

The experiments attest to the progress made by the association. The official launch is scheduled for the end of 2021 at the latest.

Facade distance

At the beginning of December 2020, the Libra project had changed its name to become Diem (Latin term for „day“) in order to stand out from the initial vision and distance itself from Facebook. Today, the Geneva-based association is made up of 27 companies, including Spotify , Uber , Coinbase and Shopify .

The new CEO of the project, Stuart Levey, a former head of the US Treasury, believes that regulators have been receptive to the project, especially given the changes and the implicit distance from Facebook , which is not itself a member of the project. association, although its subsidiary Novi is.

However, another founding member is Breakthrough Initiatives , a space exploration group led in part by Mark Zuckerberg. Which shows that Facebook has not completely distanced itself from Diem. Olaf Sholz, German Finance Minister, said of the name change:

“  A wolf disguised as a lamb remains a wolf. „